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Bicycles With Optimum Quality

European Standards

Brooks brings the striking elegance and flawless archetype of Europe in its bicycles. Brooks bicycles are gorgeous in everyway and extremely strong for real-life situations like school, shopping, commuting and errands around town. The smoothness you feel while riding our bikes is due to the spectacular craftsmanship that matches the European Standards. Whether you cruise the city streets or take the short cut off the beaten track to the office every day, the ride will be smoother than ever.


Quality Graphics

Brooks Bicycles are trendsetters! Each bicycle has a unique graphic that has been specially designed by a team of professionals in England who are well-versed with the bicycle style etiquette. It’s not just the quality we assure, it’s also the feeling of riding the best. To comprehensively serve your urban transportation needs and to also make you look fabulous, Brooks Bicycles have been designed with the finest international graphics. Simple. Clean. Hassle-free. Just wonderfully Awesome.


Assisted Buying

Right from choosing a bicycle to the final bicycle assembly, we are here to listen to every question or query you have. If you are confused with which bike will suit your child the best, ask us. Brooks Bicycles team is always available on web chat, direct phone calls or through emails. We have a complete team of professionals who will help you during the entire purchasing process.


Free Delivery and Assembly in 21 Cities

At Brooks Bicycles, we do not charge for delivery. Moreover, we do it on time! Our promise to provide you a Happy Ride does not start when you receive a cycle. It starts right after you place your order. We take stringent measures to make sure your bicycle reaches you on time or even faster. Brooks promises to deliver the bicycles in 21 major cities in India. Further, we also provide exclusive assembly services to make your ride even merrier. Like we said that our bikes for everyone, we stand on that by offering Brook bicycle at awesome prices, on time delivery and professional assembly service in 21 cities.


Lifetime Warranty

Simplicity in design + advanced components = low maintenance. We try to give our customers unbeatable quality and the value for their money. We are here to provide you a trustworthy companion for your everyday life. The Steel frames and forks used in our bikes are guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects, faulty materials, or workmanship and are guaranteed for defect or breakage for the lifetime of the bicycle.